Radiant Gloom

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Left to right:

Atlas – Rhythm Guitars, Bass & Lyrics
Пешо Спейса – Vocals
Jervas – Drums
Volker – Lead Guitar

Where it all began

Vorga was formed by Atlas in 2016 in Scotland. The aim, to create emotionally resonant music that could capture the spirit of dissonance, frustration, and harm in the modern world. After moving to Germany the band was formed in full. With members from the UK, Bulgaria, and Germany the multinational team set about recording the music heard today.

The Music

The intention has always been to create music that combined modern melodic black metal aesthetics with atmospheric and cosmic influences with a lyrical focus on looking at the world from an anti-anthropocentric stance. The high-energy, melodic style juxtaposes against the black metal and lyrical style to try to imbue the feeling of awe, excitement, and power in helplessness that can be felt when everything is let go. Like looking at the stars and realising the insignificance of ourselves.


On February 20th 2019 we will be proud to release our first EP – ‘Radiant Gloom’. 

The Future

The band is constantly working on new material for forthcoming releases and looking for gigs wherever possible. A second EP is already being recorded and hopes to be released late 2019. Writing is continuing on a full Album.

We hope to see you on the road soon.

« You pass me by. You leave me rot like a dog. You leave me die, Vorga …

I follow you, Vorga. I find you, Vorga. I pay you back, me. I rot you. I kill you, Vorga. I kill you filthy »
– Gully Foyle, The Stars My Destination