New Music! Cassette collaboration with Folkvangr Records

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve been working on a special edition of Radiant Gloom with Folkvangr Records.

This very limited run of 50 cassettes will include 2 new tracks, bringing the running time up to 32 minutes. The cassettes themselves are metallic silver with black ink and hand-numbered, in a crystal clear case. They will all come with a download code.

The 2 extra tracks were slated to be on our next upcoming EP which was to be titled ‘The Calling Void’. Our plans have since changed however and due to the tracks being stylistically similar to our initial 4 we decided to bring them all together for this release. We are now working on a full-length release of cosmic misanthropy to be released hopefully by the end of 2019.

You can pre-order the cassettes directly from Folkvangr here –

We will also have a very limited number for sale in our Bandcamp shop and on our website, but we don’t expect these to last very long. We hope you enjoy the new music.