« Recreating those Mixed feelings of wonder and horror as you look up into the night sky and feel terribly small »


The Music

Cosmic black metal focused at the world through the lens of nihilism. Combining atmospheric and modern black metal styles with a lyrical focus on frustration and hopelessness in trying to affect change.


Where it all began

Vorga was formed by Atlas in 2016 in Scotland. The aim, to create emotionally resonant music that could capture the spirit of dissonance, frustration, and harm in the modern world. After moving to Germany the band was formed in full. With members from the UK, Bulgaria, and Germany the multinational team set about recording the music heard today.

« VORGA will offer you an unusual and harmonious blend of cold and zest, melancholy and vitality, tradition and innovation. Classic black metal elements and techniques are skillfully combined with contemporary sound and unique musical ideas.»



Our arrival onto the stage has been greeted with more praise than we ever expected. Grateful, we’re using this energy to ensure our next output exceeds what’s come before.

The Future

We are currently recording and mixing our 2nd EP for release in late 2019. A full Album is planned for release in 2020. While this is ongoing we are hoping to play as much as possible. contact

We hope to see you on tour soon.



« Radiant Gloom is not your typical debut…….They dub themselves “modern black metal” and modern it most certainly is, with a sound that borrows just as heavily from the cold and swirling violence of Scandinavian black as it does other influences like the compelling crunch of Gothenburg melodeath, all dragged into the current era by plenty of fresh ideas and a polished production as clear as the starry sky.»
– blackmetaldaily


Political policy

Vorga is a non-political band that does not support political extremism from any side.